What The QSE Status Is In BEE Certifications

Obtaining a BEE certificate is not hard as long as you become familiar with all the required documentation for the BEE registration. The entire process will not last more than a month if you gather all the required evidence and make no mistakes. Make sure that you become familiar with the possible statuses you might be given too. There are three different statuses – EME, QSE and GENERIC.

What the QSE status is trying to tell you

QSE stands for Qualifying Small Enterprise. This status is given to medium and relatively large businesses. While the BEE certification is given to companies willing to conduct business with the government, this second status can underline your actual financial revenue.

The QSE status defines companies whose annual revenue is higher than 5 million. However, it should not exceed 35 million. In order to determine your status, the BEE representatives will perform a local audit and a site verification. However, most of the proof comes from the paperwork you are supposed to submit. Take your time and avoid making any mistakes because any small issue can delay the certification.

It might be a good idea to learn about other terms and factors that can influence the final score too.

Preventing Misunderstandings When Hiring A Moving Company

When looking for European removals, you will probably run into a lot of companies, depending on where you plan to move. Never settle for the first one you talk to. Never settle for the first one you see in yellow pages either. Instead, look for some recommendations and reviews online. The more options you have, the better. So how do you do it like a pro?

Important considerations in choosing European movers

Ideally, you should have around five moving companies on your list. Give them a call and provide some details, then ask for quotes. Quotes are better given on site, so the representative can provide accurate estimates. It might be a good idea to ask for written estimates or at least a not-to-exceed limit in the quotes. Any of these things is a decent guarantee that you will not be overcharged.

According to numerous specialists, you should expect the final price to be higher than the quote. This is because most moving companies charge extra for specific services, such as packing, loading or food. If you move too far away, highway taxes may also be included.

Finally, do not forget about a contract either, since it can prevent plenty of issues.